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Hi! I’m Andrew Dale, a Sophomore at Wayzata High School, and I want to introduce the Moriah STEM project I created.

In Summer 2018, I took a trip to India to create a science lab and to share science demos. My family and I imported over $500 in equipment to create a new lab and we performed science demos for grades kg-10th class. In Summer 2019, we helped gather and send books for early childhood English learners at the Moriah School. 

Moriah school must teach specific, rigorous science content based on state requirements. The Moriah STEM project will provide demos, experiments, and equipment for hands-on activities and use the science of sports to help students learn the required content.

Andrew plans to return in 2020 with more equipment and more demos for the Moriah students.

Update: Due to the travel restriction during the 2020 Summer, I was unable to return to the Moriah School with more lab equipment. Instead we are in the process of raising funds for and purchasing classroom equipment for early childhood learning.

Donations requested:

  • Legos
  • Kid-friendly microscopes and slides
  • Science toys (spinning tops, gyroscopes, gliders)
  • Glue for slime
  • Math manipulatives
  • Cash donations for lab glassware, microscopes, slides,  hot plates, chemicals, safety goggles, seeds, and plants.

Check out the photos and videos below and in our blog to see what’s been happening with the Moriah STEM Project.

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