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The 20+ residents of the Moriah Children’s home currently sleep on floor mats.

For only $2,250 USD, we can raise enough money to get everyone in a bunk bed style cot.

The two-tier metal cots are custom made by a local metal fabricator who has given our staff a discount price because of our relationship and the volume.

Here’s the breakdown:

A set of 2 stacked bunk cots @ $9500 INR ea. = Approximately $133.51 USD
x 15 = 30 total beds (to accommodate current and future residents) = $2002.65 USD
+ a little extra for pillows, cases, and bedding
= $2,250 Total Budget

These cots measure 6′ x 3′ x approximately 5′ tall and are the best use of space for the amount of room we have in each dorm. Each has a ladder and a guardrail to prevent the child on the top bunk from falling.

We welcome donations to this initiative of any amount. When the project has been successfully funded, we will purchase the cots and bedding (which is anticipated to take 2-3 weeks to manufacture), remove this initiative’s post here and create a new post in our blog with photos and information.

Thank you for your consideration. Let’s get these kids off the floor!

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