Improving the lives and education of the Moriah Children

About the Moriah Children

“Moriah Children” refers to the children attending both the Moriah School and the Moriah Children’s Home in Guntur, India.

The Moriah School

Moriah School is a government accredited private school with nearly 200 students from lower kindergarten through high school. Students are prepared to pass the challenging graduation exams and college entrance exams.
Moriah School was created to increase opportunities for children from economically disadvantaged families to obtain a quality education. Many of our students are first-time educated in their families, helping break the cycle of the of a lack of education.

The Moriah Home

The Moriah Children’s Home currently provides full-time care for 20+ children who are either orphaned or in need of reliable care and safe living conditions. It has provided a safe, stable and loving environment for hundreds of children over the years.

Each of the children has lost one or both parents, and would not have access to the educational opportunities and stability the home and school provide.

We've created a safe, loving and supportive learning environment where underserved children can grow and prosper

Our History

Moriah School was established in 1999 by the late Mrs. Deva Karuna Dasari who received educational opportunities as a young girl in the village through a private school similar to this one.

The school was started with the vision of increasing opportunities for poor children to obtain a quality education. The population in this area of India is mainly Hindu, with a small portion Muslim and Christian. Our school is open to all, with tuition charged on a sliding-fee scale, based on the family’s ability to afford the education. In many cases, tuition is provided at no charge. Because of our desire to give the best to the neediest of students, we operate in a culture of continuous improvement.

The school serves children from pre-kindergarten up to 10th class, which is the final grade in India. Because the school goes up to 10th class, it is referred to as a “High School.” The Moriah High School has passed the rigorous standards and requirements to receive private school accreditation from the government of A.P.

Support Structure

The Moriah Home is under the direction and care of the Bible Faith Lutheran Chruch of India (BFLC India), which was founded in 1978 by Rev. Bhushana Rao Dasari.

BFLC India is supported by its local members as well as Bible Faith Lutheran Ministries to India, Inc. a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization. With this website, we extend the ability to support the children to anyone in the world.

Meet Shalem & Swarupa

Rt. Rev. G Shalem Raju, B.A., B.D. is the Bishop of BFLC  India. Bishop Shalem directs and oversees the management of the both Moriah Children’s Home and Moriah High School.

Shalem’s wife Swarupa, their 3 adult daughters (Hepsi, Beulah, and Keziah) along with 20+ other staff members are instrumental in the support of the school and home.

Meet The Teachers

The school is currently under the direction of Head Master Adam Kondru.

Adam is supported by ~15 teachers and staff, who work from approximately 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. six days per week (Monday – Saturday). India has a very challenging educational system. These teachers put in a lot of extra effort to ensure the students pass the demanding exams.

Organization Leadership & Support

Paul Dasari


David Dasari


Esther Dale (Dasari)

Academic Advisor

The three children of the original founders, Rev. and Mrs. Dasari, are the Trustees dedicated to ensuring the continuation of the BLFC ministry and the Moriah School and Home.

Donating to us is unique because all of the donations go directly to India to directly support the needs of the children. There is virtually no overhead, and none of the money gets used for administrative needs in the US. Even in India, the administrative costs are very small.

Donations are tax-deductible through the 501(c) (3) organization when checks are made payable to “Bible Faith Lutheran Ministries to India, Inc.”

Donations may be made online via this website or mailed to:
Bible Faith Ministries to India, Inc. (BFLMI)
P.O. Box 2241
Maple Grove, MN 55311

We welcome anyone interested to make a general donation, support a specific initiative, or contact us for more information on how to help.

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